Laptop repairing training course is segmented into three parts stated; Theory, Practical and Practice.

Theory Laptop Repairing Training Course

We hold a comprehensive guide study about Laptop repairing training course which can support you in learning the detailed insights about a laptop and in-depth technical knowledge.

Practical Laptop Repairing Training Course

We hold a highly skilled team of experts who share the knowledge of various brand and model of Laptop Chip Level Repairing.

Practice Laptop Repairing Training Course:

We not only teach, but also make candidates to operate laptops and assign a task regarding the course. We let them fix the errors and make practicing them as a self-study.

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Laptop Repairing Course

Faith Computer Care is providing laptop repairing training course with robust and efficient practical, job support, self-employment support, live practical on various brand and model, free study material, life time backup support free tool kit and hostel for outsiders. We supremely require an interest and age eligibility which keeps passion to learn laptop repairing training course with just basic knowledge. Candidates of 10th, 12th, Graduate or working professionals can join regular, weekend and fast track classes. We are glad to provide the students an up-to-date, high tech and comprehensive with 100% live practical in-depth training in all aspects of Laptop Theory, Maintenance and Repair for a career as a Expert Laptop Technician.

Laptop Repairing Training

Laptop Repairing Training Courses was taught by well experienced faculties with both technical and field knowledge. With the help our institute many members had been successfully completed their training. We are pride to inform that most of students who completed their training and they was self-employed and situated in many reputed organization. We at Faith Computer Care hold a technical students community for laptop repairing in our forum with the help of all students can view and share the knowledge and also they can rectify their doubts which mean 100% backup support for lifelong even after completing their training. We are highly assured that this overall package helps them to be make an expert engineer, as we are implanting the technology in the mind of students.


THINK Global Institute is a unique model of learning that works best for students who are highly motivated, self-sufficient, intellectually curious, and community-oriented. To determine if you’re a good fit for our one-of-a-kind community, the application process digs deep into who you are as a student and a person – and gives you the opportunity to get to know us as well.

After completing this course you will be able to:

  • Do a complete teardown on your laptop. Take the case apart to get access to any component and put it all back together.
  • Replace your power jack. One of the reasons your laptop has trouble running on outlet power and/or charging the battery.
  • Remove and replace your motherboard.
  • Clean and use your computer after you've spilled water, coffee, or soda on it.
  • Take off a broken LCD or LED screen and replace it with a new one.
  • Replace a bad hard drive. Also learn how to restore your Operating System on the new drive.
  • Fix your wireless card or even upgrade to a newer one with faster connection speeds.
  • Add more ram to your laptop. Many economy laptops come with small amounts of ram. Upgrade to more and see an immediate increase in speed and responsiveness.
  • Replace your screen's inverter.
  • Put a new DVD or Blu-ray burner in your laptop, or replace an old broken drive.
  • Are you missing keys or is the keyboard unresponsive? Learn how to replace it with a brand new keyboard. A very cheap fix..
  • Replace your BIOS battery. A big reason why your laptop may not be retaining its settings.
  • Why Faith computer care is Best in The It Industry?

    Free Data

    Schematic & Bios / Board view

    Latest Tools

    10+ advance & latest tools

    Training delivery methods

    100 % Practical training with schematics & latest Tools

    Individual Focus

    Individual Focus on each Student

    Batch Size

    Fixed Batch Size of 10 Students only

    Trainer Experience

    10+ years of Laptop chip level Repair Experience

    Laptop assembling &disassembling

    Each laptop pr students for assembling & disassembling

    Graphic to Non graphic

    conversion methods All type laptop brands

    Placement Preparation

    Interviews & Tests


    Life Time Support Advantage

    Fees Structure

    Lowest For Laptop Chip level training

    Why Faith Computer Care is Best in The It Industry?

    Laptop Repairing Training

    The faith computer care Institute of Information Technologies is an institute which is growing at a very rapid pace. We have courses which are being offered for people who are interested in various aspects like Laptop chip level repairing course, This is also an institute that has various short term courses where we teach all the necessary information that a person would need to know. Faith computer care happens to be the Laptop Chip Level training institute that strives to be your training and guidance partner for a successful career in the field of Laptop Chip level .

    With the help of our expert designed and structured Best Practical oriented Laptop Chip level training in Pune, we are able to transform the rawest of human brains into powerhouse of talents, as far as this field is concerned. Faith computer care is an initiative for those who are ambitious in the field of laptop chip level . We are educating you into Laptop chip level because we think that you have an excellent ability of making it big. The field of Practical laptop chip level training is and goes to be the future, and we feel that people have a terrific risk of creating it huge. We at Faith computer care would take care of the abilities component through our education and also attempt to inculcate the seeds of achievement in them. We are well equipped to carve out the professional in you, who would be all set to make a mark in the world of laptop chip level training . Team faith computer care has lend its hand ! All we need is your association with us !!!

    Upcoming Batches

    Batch Time Start Date Duration Batch Size Contact
    8.00AM - 9:30AM 1st May 2019 2 Months 12 Contact
    10.00AM - 12:00AM 1st May 2019 2 Months 12 Contact
    5.00AM - 7:00AM 2nd May 2019 2 Months 12 Contact

    Why Faith Computer Care is Best in The It Industry?

    To be there amongst the best, one has to think and act different than others. “OUT OF THE BOX” is what one needs to be! Faith computer care does exactly that, and strives to offer one of the best Laptop Chip level Training Courses in Pune, through its Laptop Chip level training services and offerings! What's the best part about Laptop Repairing ? Following are some of the unique offerings from Faith computer care , that have helped it climb up the ladder and make its way to the top:

    Introduction of Laptop All Parts
    Assembling & Disassembling
    OS Installation Window & Mac
    Dc Power Supply All other tools
    Intel Me/Txe Region
    Digital Oscilloscope
    Bios/ EC Editing & Programming

    • CPU
    • Ram
    • Hard Disk Drive
    • DVD Drive
    • WIFI Card
    • Bluetooth
    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Screen
    • Touch Screen led
    • And many more...

    • How to check Faulty Hdd/SSD
    • How to check CPU fault
    • Blue dump error
    • Graphic chip Related issues
    • Garbage display problems
    • WIFI not connected
    • No Display related common faulty
    • Some time display some time not display
    • Led ,LCD ,Touch led screens related problems
    • Keyboard not/ some keys not working problems
    • Laptop auto off, auto restart, and hanging problems
    • How to check faulty ram & ram related problems
    • Sound beeps / light indentions related common problems
    • Touch pad not working / touch pad hang after some time
    • Battery not detect, Battery not charge, Battery plug in not charging
    • And many more fault...

    we are the provide all brand laptop for Assembling & Disassembling

    • Hp
    • Dell
    • Acer
    • Sony
    • Asus
    • Lenovo
    • Toshiba
    • MacBook

    • 1. How to make bootable pen drives off all type Microsoft opratining systems like, windows7, windows 8, windows 10?
    • 2. How to make bootable pen drives off all type mac opratining systems like El Capitan, Sierra, High Sierra
    • 3. Microsoft windows installation procedure step by step
    • 4. Microsoft windows common faults
    • 5. windows activation
    • 6. Mac installation procedure step by step
    • 7. Mac Software installation procedure step by step
    • 8. Windows software installation step by step
    • 9. Mac software installation step by step

    • How to use dc power supply?
    • How to remove sorting using with dc power supply?
    • How to check laptop battery charge or not charging with dc power supply?
    • How to check laptop 19v shorting with dc power supply?
    • And more...

    An oscilloscope is a laboratory instrument commonly used to display and analyse the waveform of electronic signals. In effect, the device draws a graph of the instantaneous signal voltage as a function of time. Complete Operating of CRO for Voltage, Data and Signal Testing

    A drawing showing all significant components, like capacitor, mosfet, coils, ic, resistance, diode and many more & parts, or tasks (and their interconnections) of a circuit, device, flow, process, or project by means of standard symbols.

    • 19v section
    • Ram section
    • CPU section
    • Touch pad & keyboard section
    • HDD & DVD section
    • Sound section
    • Lan section
    • WIFI section
    • Bluetooth section
    • Thermal section
    • Lvds section
    • VGA section
    • HDMI section
    • And many more...

    BIOS (basic input/output system) is the program a computer's microprocessor uses to get the computer system started after you turn it on. It also manages data flow between the computer's operating system and attached devices such as the Hard drive, Keyboard, mouse, Ram, DVD Disk Drive & WIFI….. When BIOS boots up (starts up) your computer, it first determines whether all of the attachments are in place and operational and then it loads the operating system into your computer's random access memory (RAM) from your hard disk or diskette drive.

    • How to download bios .exe file & .bin file from internet?
    • How to extract dell, Lenovo, HP, Toshiba, acer, Asus, Sony bios.exe file?
    • How to know bios chip size?
    • What is the bios editing?
    • What is the win hex , hex den tools?
    • How to use bios editing tools?
    • How to edit bios .bin file?
    • Eprom flash with bios Programmer
    • Sio flash with SBOD Programmer
    • How to use HP BIOS Configuration Utility ( BCU )?
    • How to remove Bios password?
    • What is the Bios whitelist?
    • BIOS configuration

    The Intel Management Engine (ME) that has been incorporated in virtually all of Intel's processor chipsets since 2008, the subsystem primarily consists of proprietary firmware running on a separate microprocessor that performs tasks during boot-up Some common fault of Intel ME region

    • When you turn on the laptop but display comes late after 5 to 20 mints Some time laptop fan move at full speed laptop properly working but automatically shut down after 1 minute, 30 minutes and more...
    • How to find Me region in bios dump?
    • How to make me region clean bios?
    • How to use fitch tool?
    • How to use me analyzer tools?
    • And many more...

    Board view is a type of files containing information about Motherboard, their components, used signals, test points and more. A quick overview of motherboard and all components like mosfet, ic, Diode, capacitor, etc...

    • How to use board view software?
    • Viewing Components
    • Selecting a Component
    • Zooming
    • Scrolling
    • And more...

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